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Robbie Edwards

Robbie Edwards

League President

Phone: (615) 477-5291

Jimmy Floyd

Jimmy Floyd

Vice President

Phone: (615) 971-8653

Kelly Edwards

Kelly Edwards

League Secretary

Phone: (615) 423-3519

Pamela Floyd

Pamela Floyd

Treasurer/Apparel Director/Concessions

Phone: 615-971-8148

Belle Felts

Belle Felts

Lower Divisions Director

Phone: 615-267-1073

Tara Poteete

Tara Poteete

Upper Divisions Director

Phone: (615) 584-3745

Our Annual Board Elections are held on the 3rd Sunday of October. 

All members of the league are invited to attend and vote. Contact any board member with questions. 


President - To preside over and conduct meetings and to appoint all committees and be ex-official member thereof, except as limited therein. Supervise the organizations affairs and activities.

Vice-President - Preside at regular meetings in the President's absence; shall also work with the President and all directors; shall be ex-official member of all committees.

Secretary - To record the attendance at all meetings; to maintain a permanent record of the minutes of all meetings; to notify Board of Directors and membership of the time and place of meetings; to conduct the correspondence of the organization; to be custodian of the Constitution of this organization and post all amendments maintain league records including, but not limited to, team rosters, coaches applications, draft information, player pool, membership, etc.

Treasurer - To keep and maintain the financial records of the organization. Will also present a statement of the account at every regular board meeting of the organization and at times when requested by the Board of Directors, and shall make a full report of the annual financial status. Will serve as the Chair person of the Budget Committee.

Equipment Manager - To solicit bids and purchase apparel and equipment; disburse and retrieve equipment from coaches, with directors assistance, and maintain accurate inventory of equipment.

Directors - To perform duties as assigned by the Board of Directors including but not limited to, participate in league sign-ups and drafts, operation of their division, coordinating and distributing pertinent information to division coaches, and other duties as necessary.

Apparel Director - Non-voting position, coordinates and assists with all things uniform/apparel related.

Current Board

  • President - Robbie Edwards (term ends 10/31/18)
  • Vice President - Jimmy Floyd (term ends 10/31/19)
  • Secretary - Kelly Edwards (term ends 10/31/18)
  • Treasurer - Pam Floyd  (term ends 10/31/19)
  • Equipment Manager - Currently Vacant (term ends 10/31/18)
  • 6u Director - Belle Felts (term ends 10/31/19)
  • 8u Director - Currently Vacant (term ends 10/31/18)
  • 10u Director - Currently Vacant (term ends 10/31/19)
  • 13u Director - Currently Vacant (term ends 10/31/18)
  • 18u Director - Tara Poteete (term ends 10/31/18)
  • Apparel Director - Pam Floyd (term ends 10/31/19)


2016 Volunteers of the Year

  • Coach of the Year Nominee - Mike Farriss
  • Parent of the Year Nominee - Julie Thomas
  • SGSL Athlete of the Year - Kylee Hyten
  • SGSL Volunteer of the Year - Kelly Edwards

2015 Volunteers of the Year!

Parent of the Year: Crystal Rary

Volunteer of the Year: Julie Thomas

Athlete of the Year: Elizabeth Culwell

Coach of the Year Nominee: Jeremy Sherwood

2014 Volunteers of the Year!

Volunteer of the Year: April Kemp

Athlete of the Year: Brooke Kemp

Coach of the Year: Jessica Thomas