A lot of our new parents ask the question - What does she need to play? So here's the run down on softball gear:

All players in 8u and up that play infield will be required to wear a face mask. We also encourage this for the 6u as well.

We require each girl to have her own glove and helmet. She will also need a pair of cleats or a good pair of tennis shoes. (If you are in need of these items let one of our board members know, we usually have extras that girls have grown out of and donated to us).

We also recommend girls having their own bat, but if they don't there is usually plenty of girls willing to share. If you are unsure of what size your child needs, then we encourage you to let them try out a few different bats at practice and see what length and weight work best for her. 

We also encourage the girls playing infield to wear a face mask (it is now required for girls playing pitcher in 8u and up). We don't see a lot of injuries in the 6u division, but the older the girls get, the harder they hit, so for their safety we encourage the use of face masks starting in 8u. (You are more than welcome to use them in 6u, but it can be difficult to find a properly fitting mask for the smaller girls, and a lot of times the little ones have trouble seeing out of the masks.)

Also, the softballs we play with are 11 inch balls.

And finally, your child will need a bag to keep all of her stuff in. This will make it a lot easier on the parents and the dugout helpers.

P.S. PLEASE PUT YOUR CHILD'S NAME ON EVERYTHING! Gear gets left all the time at the park, and with 2 leagues using the park, and lots of girls having the exact same thing, getting gear back to its rightful owner can sometimes be tricky. So, please break out your Sharpies and write your child's name on everything before their first practice.